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Agritourism and Bed & Breakfast Podere Vicoferaldi presents:

Trail riding in the Chianti

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Re-awaken your sense of adventure and explore breathtaking scenery, from lush farmlands to the cooling rivers and lakes, to sunny rolling hill country with views across the Florentine hills.
It is our theory that adventure horse trekking should offer people unique, but enjoyable experiences on safe but willing horses. We believe that a great holiday is inspired by participating in an activity that is of interest to you, while getting to know the locals and participating their culture and lifestyle. We know how good its feels to escape the buzz of the city on a well mannered horse... to get away from the panic of work deadlines and clients, and just ENJOY nature... and our treks reflect this. Our Horses;
Our horses are "happy horses". They all live out in an established herd during the summer and the winter. We believe that it is important for the horse’s mental and physical well-being that they get time to 'be a horse'. They need time to play, groom, roll and interact with other horses at some point during every day - this is the horses way of relaxing. We do not keep our horses stabled for convenience, they live as close to nature as practical and this is what makes them happy, relaxed and a pleasure to handle and ride. They will all take care of the most nervous of riders whilst always being ready for a gallop when asked. Many riding stables prefer to keep large strings of unhappy horses, their overhead dictating that each ride must be as large as possible in order to stay afloat. To us, that's not a good ride. We keep our herd small, but well chosen. They are a good-looking bunch, but also well trained and level headed. You will find amongst our horses halflingers, Lipizzanners,Arabians, Anglo Arabians, Italian saddle breds and an Argentine Criollo.
We based our whole business on using great horses, and giving great service to the people who come ride with us - scheduling our rides to keep 'like' experience levels together. Group Size One of the greatest benefits that you will enjoy when you choose one of our horseback rides is the intimate, exclusive experience that is not often found with trekking centres, pack outfits, working ranches or other trail rides where 12-50 riders are common. A smaller group means more personal attention, more privacy and more individual space. You won’t get lost in a crowd with us; group size is limited to 6 enthusiastic riders per ride. Guiding Style Guides should not be mechanical- instead we prefer to laugh and joke with clients, and most importantly have fun!!
Even our short horseback tours are far from the general “Indian file” “nose to nose” rides that many other centres prefer. We prefer to keep our rides personalized- to explain the area, the type of grapes grown in the vineyards, and various local tales authentic to the region. We are especially trained for the industry.
You will always feel comfortable and confident whilst in our care as we know the horses and the rides very well. We put a special emphasis on being helpful, friendly, professional, and always ready for a good laugh!!
We are an FITETREC ANTE qualified centre.
Caps and chaps are available.

Half day ride 50€
Full day ride with Tuscan lunch 85€
Contact us for a quote on riding week packages Summer week long treks
For the adventurous at heart, we offer longer wilder excursions through the stunning Alps between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. The spectacular scenery and tranquillity will leave you refreshed in body, mind and spirit. Discover monasteries and nunneries hidden in thick forest, ride up to the falls that inspired Dante’s "Inferno".
Dine in centuries old castles, or restaurants with cheerful locals and friendly guides, sleep in authentic farmhouses and bungalows, and drink wine of the finest quality- produced in the very area you ride through. See Tuscany the way travellers and merchants, monks and warriors have experienced these tracks for centuries!

Please contact us for more information on week long treks into the Mugello and Chianti regions. .
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